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ANOINTED GLOBAL VERSITY is a Product of the Educational Vision of Professor. George Aladeoba, the motivator and President of ANOINTED GLOBAL VERSITY Worldwide. God mandated Apostle (Prof.) George Aladeoba in 1998 with a vision to raise a generation of people strong in faith, strong in wisdom and doing exploits in life. The vision found expression in the establishment of ANOINTED GLOBAL VERSITY, in line with the educational visionary pursuit of its President to raise men And Women To make them mighty, set out to establish ANOINTED GLOBAL VERSITY to graduate integrated students, who will be people of integrity, character and strong in wisdom by means of renewing their spirit, mind and body. These aspirations and goals are captured in the vision and mission of the VERSITY.

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1 Our Vision

The vision of ANOINTED GLOBAL VERSITY is to be a center of excellence for the production of graduates who are worthy in learning and character as well as sound in mind, body and spirit for outstanding leadership and global impact.

2 Our Mission

The mission of the VERSITY is to:
1. Empower generational leaders for global impact;
2. Promote and enhance the talents and skills of the people in selected fields of human r endeavor through the provision of quality education that guarantees balanced comprehensive curricula for the full development of the spiritual, intellectual, physical and social character of our future leaders;
3. Equip its students with the knowledge and skills necessary for them to be able to participate at all levels in every aspect of the nation including theological, political, social, economic and cultural, and to provide ~ education for responsible and responsive leadership and,
4. Promote research both for its role as service to society in finding solutions to its problems and also as a means of enhancing intellectual development and confidence.

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3 Our Philosophy

In consonance with the Government's Philosophy and Policy directions on tertiary education in South Africa, as well as the special mandate of ANOINTED GLOBAL VERSITY, the VERSITY would lay emphasis on empowerment, self-reliance and entrepreneurship development.
It is also recognized that the solutions to increasingly complex societal problems will require the acquisition of knowledge from a wide spectrum of academic disciplines.

The Programmes of the Versity, therefore, seek to achieve a balance between the intellectual acquisition of knowledge and the Practical use of such knowledge via responsible roles in society to provide social impact. The training of the students shall foster the appreciation and creation of a solution to the problems of the environment. As a means of achieving this, a major requirement of the Programmes of the Versity, shall be student involvement in relevant intellectual and practical work experiences wherever possible. Central concern of the Versity is to develop people who will value human lives.

In its Programmes, it Shallinculcate a high sense of self-reliance, self Confidence and integrity in its students. In effect, ANOINTED GLOBAL VERSITY philosophy is to empower and transform her students to be spiritually alive, intellectually alert, physically disciplined and socially adapted to enable commitment to service for self-Reliance. This the Versity will do by giving students the opportunities for developing cognitive and entrepreneurial skills that will enable them to function effectively in the society in which they find themselves, within the limit of their capacity.

ANOINTED GLOBAL VERSITY Educational system is geared towards self-realization, better human relationships among all categories of people, and national and global unity as well as social, cultural, economic, political, and theological progress..

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